Become a Successful Business Coach

1. Build a 6 Figure Plus Coaching Business.
2. Transform the lives of your clients.
3. Make an impact on your industry.
FACT: Coaching courses are becoming increasingly complex, with no real ROI upon graduation.
FACT: By learning effective coaching skills and combining this with the right business model, you can earn over $10,000 per month, working 2 -3 days a week.
FACT: We will show you how to build a solid foundation to build your coaching business within 12 months.
Study the Business Coaching Certification and Uncover…
✔ The secret to building a profitable and productive coaching business.
✔ How much to charge for your services, and why charging less doesn’t necessarily attract your best clients.
✔ Why not everybody is your client.
✔ How to attract extraordinary clients, who will be begging for your services.
✔ Coaching structures which will allow you to take your business to the next level.
✔ Much, much more!
Don’t be fooled by charismatic sales people. This Business Coaching Certification could save you thousands of dollars in training and personal development.


✔ Receive International Accreditation
When Studying with Australia’s leading Business Coaching Institute, your qualifications are recognised in Australia and around the world.
✔ Craft Your Keynote to Make Maximum Impact
The coaching industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Learn how to leverage your knowledge and experience to reach a broader range of clients and convert them.
✔ Complete Your Study in Your Own Time
Complete your Business Coaching Certification in less time. Have your previous business experience recognised by the Institute prior to commencing study.
✔ Join a National Community of Coaches
One of the core values of the National Coaching Institute is community. In addition to receiving world class training, you also join a team of high calibre coaches who you can connect, share resources and network with as often as you like.
✔ Access to your own committed, knowledgeable Education Team
Throughout your studies, you are supported by your dedicated Education Team, who are there every step of the way to ensure you receive all the support you need throughout your studies.
✔ Access You Own White Label Coaches Toolkit
Your very own coaching resources are available for you to download and use throughout the course and beyond.

What Our Graduates Say

“My experience since beginning the course is that is is so much about learning the skills, and learning how to set up and market your coaching business. I feel there is a genuine support network to help me become a coach.”
Grant Hawkins, Byron Bay Accom.
“The trainers are very engaging and have a great coaching style.”
Kerry O’Neill, Consultant.
“You are put into situations where you are doing trial work with the coaching tools and it is great, keeps your skills current and the trainers are fantastic.”
Mark Brigden, Bright Strategies.
Frequently Asked Questions
When can I enrol?
As the course is delivered online, you can enrol and start learning immediately. You will be sent login details so that you can undertake the course at your own pace, from wherever you are – at home, at work, on holidays or anywhere you have access to the web.
What is the course about?
The Business Coaching Certification will equip you with the skills and experience to start a career in business coaching, either as an additional service to your current role or as a separate business opportunity. The course covers aspects of human behaviour and motivation to give you a greater understanding of people, how they think and how they act (or react), what motivates them and what makes them afraid of change. You will be provided with a Toolbox of Templates to get you started, including a design for your first and subsequent coaching sessions.
How is the course run?
The course is delivered online in house by The Education Team. You will receive all of your learning materials via email and have access to the same materials online. You have access to a team of full time educators and student support administrators to assist you in your studies via telephone and email. During the course, you need to take on two coaching clients so that you can apply the theory learned throughout the course into real life situations. You are required to keep and submit for assessment a journal of 6 sessions with these two individual clients over the period of your training. Once you are deemed ‘competent’ by the course assessor, this completes the requirements for graduation.

Our History

In 1999, Paul Timms, CEO and Founder of the National Coaching Institute, started his very first business. The first 3 months were very exciting but within 5 years he was completely exhausted, depressed, lonely, and broke.
Until this point, Paul did not see the point in having a Business Coach. At his lowest point, Paul finally admitted he needed help and engaged a Business Coach. With the support of his coach, Paul redesigned the entire business, and turned it from being complicated, difficult, and stressful into a profit making machine.
Engaging a Business Coach gave Paul the freedom to pay back the tax office, his suppliers, parents, he paid off his house and created a lifestyle that he loved. A lifestyle which included a beautiful wife, 4 amazing children, a water front home, a property portfoilio, a yacht, jetski, Mercedes Benz and of course a Toyota Tarago to carry his precious cargo.
After he sold his business, he felt lost. Paul wanted to find a way to help other business owners achieve success. After researching the Business Coaching Industry, he discovered that no one was actually training people in how to become a Business Coach, what they were doing was selling them a set of templates and systems, and showing them how to use it.
Paul has created the Business Coaching Certification which includes high level coaching skills, and combines realistic, practical, income generating models. Before this program was launched, Paul tested the program in the real world and within three months, Paul proved that he could generate at least $10,000 revenue working 2 – 3 days a week.
Since 2010, the National Coaching Institute has trained hundreds of successful Business Coaches. In their previous lives our students have been accountants, business owners, speakers, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and by using our comprehensive professional coaching skills training, combined with our step by step business coaching business model, and the support of experienced mentor coaches have been able to successfully achieve three things:
1. They make a difference
2. They are making money
3. They are living their passion and loving their life.
We’re looking forward to discussing the options available to you in becoming an Effective Business Coach. Our friendly team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or assisting in formulating your own personal business coaching strategy.


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